Missional Living
Making Disciples

At Mosaic, we believe that we are called as Christ followers to Serve the World. For us, our Missional Expression should be the same whether we are serving in our neighborhoods or in far away places like Ethiopia or Brazil. The goal of Missional living is the same regardless of the context: make Disciples in order to bring transformation to a neighborhood or city. A Missionary, then, is someone who has decided to invest their whole life (time, energy, resources, etc) into a specific place over a long period of time in order to make disciples and see the community transformed by the gospel and for the glory of God. When a Christ follower lives their life with a Missional mindset, they will be actively and intentionally investing their lives into others locally and globally by praying, giving, and serving.

Our Missional strategy, both locally and globally, is two-fold: Serve the World through Impact Teams and Missional Living.