Missional Communities
On mission together to make the Gospel known
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At Mosaic, we regularly talk about living on Mission and doing it together in community. Our vision for community at Mosaic is that we would be a network of little biblical missional communities. These little biblical missional communities, called Missional Communities for short, orient their lives around being disciples who make disciples. They do this by developing intentional devotional and missional rhythms in their every day lives.

So what is a Missional Community?
A Missional Community is a group of people committed to living on mission in biblical community together. Missional Communities are more than a once-a-week meeting, Sunday School class, or Bible study. The people in a Missional Community do study the Bible and push each other toward Jesus, but they also eat together, play together, serve together, and become family with one another. Missional Communities are the core of our church family. They are where we live out our vision of being a Jesus-centered family on mission.

Who should be a part of a Missional Community?
Everyone. Believer or non-believer (seeing biblical community lived out is a great way to explore Christianity). Old or young, introvert or extrovert... you get the picture. We believe that in the context of a little missional biblical community is the best place to experience the gospel no matter who you are, so we want everyone to participate in a missional community.

Ready to participate in Missional Community?
If you want to get involved in community or simply want to learn more about our missional communities, Chapter TWO is a great place to get started. The purpose of Chapter TWO is to train and equip people with the philosophy behind and the fundamentals of an effective missional community. This class is open to anyone interested in learning more!
It meets on Sunday nights at 6:00pm at Mosaic Oakland and spans four weeks. Child Care is provided.

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